[WINNERS CHOSEN] Ninja Week Pin!

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INSERT THE WORD NINJA in place of one word in a movie title ......... keep it going. I will choose winners before the week is up in many different threads giving away pins!

I'll start ....

Inglourious Ninja


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Feb 10, 2011
O Ninja, Where Art Thou
We Bought a Ninja
Some Like it Ninja
Fifty Shades of Ninja
Seven Brides for Seven Ninjas
The Ninja Around the Corner
Runaway Ninja
Close Encounters of the Ninja Kind
True Ninja
Midnight Ninja
Ninja On The Roof
Lethal Ninja (and its sequels 2,3 and 4!)
Planes Trains and Ninjas
The Man Without a Ninja
How to Train Your Ninja
Gone with the Ninja
Scent of a Ninja
The Last Ninja
Seeking a Ninja for the End of the World
A Few Good Ninja
The 40 Year Old Ninja
There Will be Ninja
The Panic in Ninja Park
500 Days of Ninja
Sex and the Ninja
Million Dollar Ninja
Full Metal Ninja
The Ninja Identity / Supremacy / Ultimatum / Legacy
Jason Ninja

Thanks for the Ninja... I mean giveaway :D
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