A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - 40th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Ultimate Collector's Edition) [UK]

Maybe they'll do them gradually, as others turn 40, or 35...

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No lol. They don't scare me or anything. Just isn't my genre. More of an action guy.
Either of these would be fantastic. I haven't seen the top (Graham Humphreys) art used on anything since the VHS release. The bottom US art was featured on a German mediabook but both are strangely underused given the volume of bluray/ dvd releases there have been
I'm sure that's why I love the Humphreys artwork, it was likely the UK VHS sleeve. I vividly remember my parents renting the VHS from our local rental store. Back in the day, the owners of the store had 1 copy of each film so they rented the tape in its original case and left a "back soon" sign on the store shelf :LOL:
The downside of this was, a pre-teen me got to be scared sh*tless of the VHS case art and the scene stills on the back of the box - in this case, one of the shots was of Tina being eviscerated and dragged onto the bedroom ceiling in buckets of blood. :rofl:

That scene stays with me forever.
Can always cancel
Nah. If I put a HMV order in I buy a few things at once. Usually stuff in stock that I’ve seen. Plus I want to know release dates first. Can’t take any more pre orders for May, June and July. Maxed out.
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The top one was always my favourite, it's the poster that I always have in my mind when NMOES is mentioned, but I can see most people preferring the bottom

One day my bro's
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I want all the Elm Street films on Steels with their og art

Quoting myself from another thread, but yeah, I would love that art on a steelbook!

Got an order in for this anyhoo. Huge fan of the 'Nightmare on elm street' series and have quite a collection of physical media releases and merch so this was an easy buy for me even without seeing the art. May even double dip if there is a decent variant
I’m happy for people who have been waiting for this series to drop, but I always found these movies to be a bit overrated.
I think the 1st and 3rd one are superb. The rest not so much.....
I think Wes Craven's New Nightmare is criminally underrated as it stands.
It has an exceptional strong core premise, some great performances and it was groundbreakingly meta for a horror movie before that was a things and more commonplace.
The documentary Never Sleep Again is also as fantastic watch! :thanks::)