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Please message me ASAP regarding the ongoing matter we’ve previously discussed. Let’s get this sorted now.
He's been banned mate and I'm sorry to let you know that you're not the first one he scammed :(
Hey buddy. You still selling your Jaws UHD CLUB?
Yes, it is still for sale: 189€ plus shipping costs. I don't make a profit, that's the price I paid (179€ + 11.91€ postage).
Hi Aniv,
I just sent u the shipping fee for the Her One-Click (Manta Lab#37). I just simply forgot to put on the my HDN I’d: and what it was for. Please send me a response that u received this. it was sent about 6:50 PM PST.
Robert Dillard
I would be willing to buy this, as I missed out out on it and the Zavvi one