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Nov 9, 2018

Alan Wake Remastered​

Pre-order, Due for release on 04 October 2021
Xbox Series X/S Xbox one

Listings hint an 'Alan Wake' remaster is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in October​


Those longstanding murmurs of an Alan Wake revival might just have some merit. Well-known sleuth Wario64 has spotted Rakuten listings for an Alan Wake Remastered title that would launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on October 5th. The store pages say nothing about what's new, but it's safe to presume you'll see resolution improvements and other upgrades you'd expect from the remaster of the 2010 psychological thriller.

Remedy has been an ally of Microsoft for the past 11 years, releasing high-profile games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break as Xbox and PC exclusives while releasing a handful of games (such as a Death Rally reboot) on mobile. The developer reclaimed the publishing rights to Alan Wake in 2019, however, and signalled its platform independence with the launch of Control on PlayStation and (eventually) the Nintendo Switch.

The studio will still support Microsoft with exclusives like the online shooter CrossfireX. However, the listings suggest Remedy wants to broaden its horizons — including resurrecting games that many PlayStation owners never got to try the first time around.
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Roll on October 5th. Really looking forward to this.
Really tempted to play through the 360 version first before I jump into this. :wow:
Is it any good? Never played the old one but this looks tempting.
Haven't got around to picking it up yet but I'm going by the first which I have played and was brilliant, so I'm expecting this to be the same :thumbs:
I think for £25 you definitely cant go wrong.
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Now on Gamepass for those interested in giving it a go :thumbs: