Can Bose 1600 series VI professionar amplifier use for my karaoke system?

Aug 17, 2023

I wanted to purchase Bose 1600 series VI professional amplifier and i am not a expert in setting up amps, i would like to ask for some advice if i purchase this amp can it works on karaoke system and mic.

I have 2 MIC, and a transmitter.

i have a Bose Karaoke system which outputs the music RCA (white,red) and yellow/hdmi to my TV.

I have 2 speaker that uses speaker cable.

Now if i buy this amp, how do i put my mic XLR to Mono Jack into the amp and how do i put my RCA (white,red) and speaker cable into this amplifier?

Do i need a mixer? if i need a mixer how do i do it ?

Kindly advice?