[CLOSED] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Target Exclusive Slipbox


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Aug 6, 2010
Hey international members!

I'm hosting a group buy for any of you people out there that are interested in the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story slipbox and exclusive content from Target



Release date of April 4, 2017
Pre-order cost is currently $27.99 per copy
Sales tax of 5.5% per copy

Original link - http://www.target.com/p/rogue-one-a...onus-disc-3d-blu-ray-dvd-digital/-/A-52235269

You'll note that the price will not likely drop further, but in order to guarantee the number of copies requested, I order from Target.com ahead of time and cannot price match.

Due to the large amount of work for international group buys, including a few visits to the post office and packaging materials, the group buy fee is $4 for the first copy, $2 for the 2nd copy.

Paypal fees will be included in any invoice sent.

Limit of 2x copies per request.

Only mint / new copies will be passed on to members here.

Additionally - these steelbooks usually come wrapped in cardboard slips. I'll do my best to inspect them, but I cannot see underneath the cardboard.

Shipping options:
QUOTES are for 1 steelbook ONLY.

I will pack in the following manner - case will be bubble wrapped, in a heavier cardboard box.

Please note - with non-trackable shipping - you the buyer understand that I cannot verify it's delivery - as I leave the choice up to you, this is not my responsibility. Insurance can be purchased through a 3rd party if desired.

I will retain proof of shipping for each package.

All delivery times are ESTIMATES only. New quotes provided as necessary.

First Class International (Box) - with delivery confirm to most countries.

-delivery to most locations - 10 - 14 business days, but may take longer
France - $22.50
UK - $22.50
Canada -> $TBD (approx)

Insurance against loss or damage is $1.30 more up to $100 worth of coverage and is mandatory will all shipments.

Requesting list:
1) Brazil @velocirafa (combine with walmart)
2) Ireland @paulboland (combine with walmart and lithographs)
3) USA @bloodsnake007 (combine with Walmart)
4) Canada @JackieBoy x1 (combine with La La Land)
5) Germany @Dirk69 *PAID DEPOSIT (combine with Walmart)
6) Austria @Engelskind (combine with Walmart)
7) UK @mbennett76 (combine with Walmart)
8) HK @denmar *PAID DEPOSIT (combine with Walmart)
9) Russia @golomidov_alex (combine with Walmart and lithographs)
10) Australia @Feathers McGraw (combine with Walmart)
11) Canada @Stinky (combine with fantastic beasts) *DEPOSIT PAID
12) Germany @Maik X1 *DEPOSIT PAID
13) UK @viper0210 (combine with JL Dark)
14) Spain @txohlo (combine with Walmart, Disney)
15) India @Tejas Phadke
16) Finland @Ranavalone (combine with Titans)
17) Australia @kezzar111
18) Canada @Netclone
19) UK @Hatross
20) me

21) Australia @Futurhythm
22) UK @Noodles
23) Spain @distromamon
24) Spain @SweetJsp
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Hi everyone - I'm starting to invoice folks - please check your e-mail. I'll continue invoicing through tomorrow and potentially Saturday.
Also remember to confirm that everything is OK with your invoice before paying, and that I've listed all the items that will be in your shipment.

If I don't have your details yet, I'll be in touch soon.
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