Conan the Barbarian (Blu-ray Limited Edition) (Arrow Video) [USA]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: January 30, 2024
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Price: $35.00 (Arrow Video) - $33.59 (Amazon) - $38.99 (DiabolikDVD) - $34.99 (Grindhouse Video - Zavvi USA)
Notes: Region A Locked

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- Brand new 4K restoration from the original negative by Arrow Films
- Double-sided fold-out poster
- Six double-sided collectors’ postcards
- Illustrated collectors’ booklet featuring new writing by Walter Chaw and John Walsh, and an archive set report by Paul M. Sammon

- High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentations of three versions of the film via seamless branching: the Theatrical Cut (127 mins), the International Cut (129 mins) and the Extended Cut (130 mins)
- Newly restored original mono audio and remixed Dolby Atmos surround audio on all three cuts

- Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing on all three cuts
- Archive feature commentary by director John Milius and star Arnold Schwarzenegger (Extended Cut only)
- Brand new feature commentary by genre historian Paul M. Sammon, author of Conan: The Phenomenon (Extended Cut only)
- Newly assembled isolated score track in lossless stereo (Extended Cut only)

- Conan Unchained: The Making of Conan, an archive documentary from 2000 featuring interviews with Schwarzenegger, Milius, Stone, Jones, Lopez, Bergman, Poledouris and several others
- Designing Conan, a newly filmed interview with production artist William Stout
- Costuming Conan, a newly filmed interview with costume designer John Bloomfield
- Barbaric Effects, a newly filmed interview with special effects crew members Colin Arthur and Ron Hone
- Young Conan, a newly filmed interview with actor Jorge Sanz
- Conan & The Priest, a newly filmed interview with actor Jack Taylor
- Cutting the Barbarian, a newly filmed interview with assistant editor Peck Prior
- Crafting Conan’s Magic, a newly filmed interview with visual effects crew members Peter Kuran and Katherine Kean
- Barbarians and Northmen, a newly filmed interview with filmmaker Robert Eggers on the film’s influence on The Northman
- Behind the Barbarian, a newly filmed interview with John Walsh, author of Conan the Barbarian: The Official History of the Film
- A Line in the Sand, a newly filmed interview with Alfio Leotta, author of The Cinema of John Milius
- Conan: The Rise of a Fantasy Legend, an archive featurette on the film’s literary and comic book roots
- Art of Steel: Sword Makers & Masters, an archive interview with sword master Kiyoshi Yamasaki
- Conan: From the Vault, an archive compilation of on-set cast and crew interviews
- A Tribute to Basil Poledouris, a series of videos produced by the Úbeda Film Music Festival, including video of Poledouris conducting a concert of music from the film in 2006 (remixed in 5.1 surround) and interviews with collaborators such as Paul Verhoeven and Randal Kleiser
- Rarely-seen electronic press kit from 1982, featuring over half an hour of on-set footage and cast and crew interviews (from a watermarked tape source)
- Outtakes, including a deleted cameo by Milius
- Split-screen “Valeria Battles Spirits” visual effects comparison
- Conan: The Archives, a gallery of photos and production images from 2000
- Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, an affectionate comic tribute to the film by Jon & Al Kaplan
- US and International teaser and theatrical trailers
- Image gallery
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