Upcoming Creature Commandos (Season 1) [HBO]


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The first TV show to be released in the DCU is Creature Commandos, a seven-episode animated series based on the DC Comics team of the same name. The Creature Commandos are a team put together by Amanda Waller and comprise some of DC’s most monstrous characters. Gunn has written the script for all seven series episodes, which is already in production. And as Gunn underlines, the new animated DCU projects aim to feature voice cast members who can also play their characters in live-action productions.

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“Creature Commandos”

This animated series for HBO Max is the very first project greenlit by Safran and Gunn, who has written every episode. The show is already in production.

The Creature Commando characters were first launched in 1980. The premise features Frankenstein’s monster teaming up with a werewolf, a vampire and a gorgon to fight Nazis in World War II. It doesn’t appear that Gunn’s version takes quite the same approach — Weasel, one of the characters from Gunn’s 2021 film “The Suicide Squad,” is one of the Commandos, along with Rick Flag’s father, Rick Flag Sr.

Animation, Gunn said, allows their creative collaborators to “tell stories that are gigantic, but without spending, you now, $50 million an episode.”

Crucially, Gunn said that the actors cast to voice the characters on the show will also play the roles in live action later on in the DCU.
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