Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [UK]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: July 31, 2023
Purchase links: Zavvi - HMV - Amazon UK
Price: £34.99

61vOMdFteOL._AC_SL1500_.jpg 61tBRwv9xJL._AC_SL1500_.jpg
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Great they're continuing both series of steels - first ones I buy separately, and second ones are in FilmArena editions, if they'd get to doing #9 already...
Fac have already done 9 haven't they? Knowing fac it's not physically in anyones hands though lol
Yes. This is Korean realese.
And comming soon.
I am a retailer in Korea, so I can get all the information about the release date.
And Battlestar Galactica 4K Steelbook is comming. (artwork is not yet)
Sorry did you say Battlestar Galactica is getting a 4k steelbook?
As in the whole series?
I can’t find the thread for the US version of this but I received my copy a couple of days ago.
It looks really good in hand, nice and glossy.
Hopefully the UK gets a glossy one as well.
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Watched this last night and I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it

One thing I loved was the creature design. Reminded me of labyrinth and dark crystal style suits etc. Really well done

Shame the steel art is so pony