Freelance - In theaters October 6, 2023


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Nov 4, 2010
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Title: Freelance

Tagline: He's coming out of retirement to kick ass and take aim.

Genre: Action, Comedy

Director: Pierre Morel

Cast: John Cena, Alison Brie, Juan Pablo Raba, Alice Eve, Marton Csokas, Christian Slater

Release: 2023-10-05

Plot: Mason Petit is a former Army Ranger turned family man whose life is far less exciting than it once was. His perilous globe-trotting days in the military have been replaced by a grinding career as an unsuccessful lawyer and a marriage on the rocks. This all changes when a former military buddy approaches him with a job, working security for the award-winning and fearless journalist Claire Wellington. Wellington has scored a world-first interview with a notorious and eccentric South American dictator, Venegas. Petit jumps at the chance and hops on a plane without second thought. Upon touchdown, Petit’s suburban hell turns into a life-or-death nightmare. Caught up in a violent, orchestrated coup, Petit must work with Wellington and the morally ambiguous Venegas to escape the country alive.

Surprisingly fun adventure film, something that's very welcome right now, when this genre has practically disappeared.
Most recent attempts, The Lost City with Sandra Bullock, and Ghosted from Apple streaming service, weren't very good or memorable. This one is much better! It also goes against expectations in many aspects that I won't spoil, and sneaks in some 'unpopular' political commentary in regards to how the world is actually run and manipulated now. So I enjoyed it a lot!
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