Frogman (2023)

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Nov 26, 2017
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Title: Frogman (2023)

Tagline: Believe The Legend

Genre: Horror

Director: Anthony Cousins

Cast: Justen Jones, Chelsey Grant, Benny Barrett, Nathan Tymoshuk, Michael Paul Levin, Ali Daniels, Jack Neveaux, Chari Eckmann, Liam Hage, Shea Mikel

Release: 2023-08-19

Runtime: 80

Plot: Three friends in search of the Loveland Frogman are about to find out he is more than just a local legend.

This looks both bad and great. I really want to see that Sasquatch Sunrise film. Sounds bonkers
The new Avengers.
And after Dogman and Monkeyman, there was... Frogman.
Are they building a new cinematic universe and just didn't tell us? :facepalm:
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