FS: Rocky Collection CMA / La La Land Lenticular Manta

Feb 28, 2018
I have for sale these Premium Steelbook editions.

Prices includes worldwide tracked and expedited shipping from Norway. PayPal payment, add 5% fees if G&S/protected payment.


Rocky Collection - Cine-Museum Art / CMA #07 / Lenticular Full slip - $275

Condition: Opened, complete, in excellent condition


La La Land - Manta Lab / ME 07 / Lenticular Full Slip - $180

Condition: Opened, complete, in very good condition. Lenti and steelbook have a few lines/scuffs when inspected, but these are from production, not wear


Fight Club - Manta Lab / ME 06 / Full slip - SOLD

Condition: Opened, complete, in excellent condition. Includes a plastic protective case.

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