Upcoming Gargoyles (Live Action) [Disney+]


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Nov 4, 2010
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Almost 30 years after first appearing as an animated television series, Gargoyles is taking flight once more, this time in live-action.

Two major names in the creature feature business, Gary Dauberman and James Wan’s Atomic Monster banner, known for their collaborations on the hit Annabelle horror movies, have teamed up to remake the 1990s cartoon as a live-action series for Disney+.

Dauberman will write, executive produce and showrun the series with Atomic Monster, the company run by Wan and Michael Clear, joining the executive producing ranks. The project is described as being in early development at Disney Branded Television.

watched the tv series when i was a kid.
this movie has to be dark and with practical effects, but it's disney so it will be a rainbow party and cgi only :rolleyes:
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