Kill Her Goats (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Living Dead Media) [USA]

Jul 7, 2022
Release date: March 1, 2023
Purchase link: Kill Her Goats
Price: $27.99
Notes: Pre-order discounted price $25.19 when added to cart

Kill Her Goats.jpg

Kill Her Goats Artcards.jpg
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  • Pre-order discounted price
  • See the film early - pre-orders shipped 1 week prior to Release Date
  • Set of 8 Numbered 4'' x 5'' Lobby Cards
  • Exclusive Large Vinyl "GOATFACE" Hologram sticker
  • Bloody-Stunning 4K Ultra HD disc™ ( Unrated Version)
  • Unrated Version Blu-ray™ disc with Bloopers
  • Custom case tooling: Debossed & embossed for added effect
  • 1 of only 4,000 Limited Edition STEELBOOK™ media wrapped in metal™
NO CGI All Practical Effects

Kill Her Goats.jpg
Kill Her Goats Artcards.jpg
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WTF did I just watch? :D

Now I can't find the info where they said 'debossing/embossing on first print steelbook'.....

But the the print run is now 4,000? :rofl: