KimchiDVD - SteelBook Retailer Chat Thread


Feel free to discuss shipping, customer service, availability, etc about this retailer here.

List of Exclusives HERE

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What is the link to Kimchidvd?
A)Welcome to KIMCHI DVD
Q) I haven't mastered Korean yet - how can I read the site?!
A) Install Google translate on your browser:

Google Chrome HERE
Firefox HERE

Q) How do I register?
A) Turn on Google translate >> Login >> click on "If members to join ..." >> fill in EVERY box >>
click on this box to ensure your member ID is available:
>> Sign up!

You don't need to use Google Translate to register, provided you use the English registration link.
You need to enter both a Celluar phone (mobile) and Telephone number when registering/placing an order, however they can both be the same number (I don't have a home phone number, so always use my mobile number).
Numbers should be entered without a proceeding 0 and you do not need to enter your country code (KimchiDVD add it automatically to your parcel label).

So a UK phone (01452 123123) is specified like this:
Local Area Code : 1452 Phone Number : 123123

A UK mobile (07847 123123) is specified like this:
Local Area Code : 7847 Phone Number : 123123

If you have already registered, afterlogging in you can update your address/phone numbers here.

Q) Do they ship outside of Korea?
A) Yes, worldwide delivery, various shipping options available, for example to UK: (1 x steelbook)

K-Packet is tracked and one Steelbook to UK (with a weight of 450g - which is the typical weight for a lenticular) costs $10.81.
On average it takes around 7 days after dispatch to arrive in the UK - I always use K-Packet when placing orders and my orders have always arrived safely.

I'm not sure if it's insured or not (there's no mention) but assuming you pay via PayPal, their guarantee will cover you if you don't receive your order for some reason.

You can track your K-Packet order using this website, however tracking information isn't always accurate after leaving Korea (e.g. sometimes it doesn't update again before it's delivered, or even after if your postman doesn't bother getting a signature).

EMS $21.80 (Tracked, replacement will be issued where possible if lost)
TNT Premium $37.80 (Tracked, replacement will be issued where possible if lost)

Q) What form of packing do they use?
A) Cardboard Box, with enough bubblewrap to keep things safe, see below: (Thanks to SBC28 for pics)

A pretty sturdy box, which seemingly took some damage during shipping.
(These are pretty much always the same boxes.)

Enough space for the item to "breathe", but snug enough to stop it from moving.
(That white thing is the invoice, which i choose to include, since i am in the USA.)

6 layers of bubble wrap.

Another shot of the bubble wrap, one sheet (4 layers) removed.

One minty mint SB, all the way from Korea.

Q) Is the retailer custom's friendly? (i.e will they mark as gift, or low value).
A) Very friendly, you have various options to choose from:

Q) Will the retailer charges upon order or upon shipment
A) You will be charged upon order

Q) What payment do they accept?
A) Card or Paypal

Q) Customer Services any good?
A) Yes - overall a very good, reliable site to order from.

Cancellations: Send an email to [email protected], including the number of the order you wish to cancel. He'll get back to you as soon as he can.

Replacements: are issued if in stock, if not a refund will be offered.
Refunds: They are normally processed within a few days.
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May 16, 2013
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Anyone try and get in touch with them lately? They've removed Australia from the list of countries when you checkout and I just want confirmation they won't ship here anymore. I've sent Tony two separate emails in the last three weeks or so and nothing.