Monty Python's Flying Circus: 50th Anniversary Complete Series (Blu-ray Limited Edition Box Set) (Network) [UK]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: November 4, 2019 (UK) - November 12, 2019 (USA)
Purchase link: Network - Amazon UK - Zavvi - Amazon USA
Price: £100.00 (Network) - £129.99 (Amazon) - £109.99 (Zavvi) - $114.90 (Amazon USA)
Notes: Network Store removes Vat at checkout with a delivery address based outside UK

Network Website
10% discount code WHIZZOBUTTER2019
Code Valid until August 31st 2019
10% discount has been offered to customers who subscribed to our interest list. The discount is ONLY valid for this release and expires 31st August or when the limited edition sells out, whichever is the sooner

monty-python-s-flying-circus-norwegian-blu-ray-edition (1).jpg

monty-python-s-flying-circus-norwegian-blu-ray-edition (2).jpg monty-python-s-flying-circus-norwegian-blu-ray-edition (3).jpg monty-python-s-flying-circus-norwegian-blu-ray-edition.jpg
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1080i60 is the horizontal lines of resolution (1080) and the FIELD RATE (60 - NTSC)
1080i50 is the horizontal lines of resolution (1080) and the FIELD RATE (50 - PAL)
1080p has a frame rate of 25 frames per second for TV in PALcountries, 30/1.001 frames per second for TV in NTSC countries and 24 frames per second for cinematography. 1080i has a field rate of 50 fields per second for TV in PAL countries and 60/1.001 fields per second in NTSC countries.

This is a blu-ray release not DVD and surely purists would want the original PAL field rate like the Dr Who blu-rays.
This is a blu-ray release not DVD and surely purists would want the original PAL field rate like the Dr Who blu-rays.
Blu-ray with 1080i/50
Some USA Tv's and some USA Blu-ray Players can''t display content that is 1080i/50

There are some that have USA Tv's and Blu-ray players that can process 1080i/50 but not all

This is why you see sometimes thoses in USA who have purchased some UK releases that has content in 1080i/50 not been able view film or extras content on Blu-ray Discs
Discs are region free but to view 1080i/50 content will depend on your if TV or Blu-ray Player can playback 1080i/50

USA blu-ray releases that are 1080i are 1080i/60
USA blu-ray releases that are 1080i are 1080i/60/QUOTE]

I know all this but the point is American fans who can view 1080i/50 were pissed off that they were being send the 60 versions now they can order the version they are really after
  • The entire series, superbly restored from the originals by Mr Arthur Pewtey.
  • Naughty bits put back in their proper places!
  • Box that explodes! (sort of)
  • Mr. Neutron made even longer than before... and other extended bits...
  • Restored bits!
  • Nice red uniforms! (not included)
  • Free Norwegian Blue parrot with every edition (not guaranteed to be alive and/or included*)
  • Cheese! (sorry, sold out)
  • David Frost’s telephone number (disconnected)
  • Anything else we can think of!!

  • 7 discs featuring all 45 episodes presented series-by-series, for the first time totally uncut and beautifully restored from original film and videotape elements.
  • Limited exploding box Norwegian Blu-ray edition
  • Each of the four series comes individually packaged with a book by Andrew Pixley (four books in total) detailing an exhaustive episode-by-episode production history.
  • Previously unseen outtakes
  • Extended scenes and sketches
  • Restored-to-full-length sketches including Ursula Hitler, Cartoon Religions, A Book At Bedtime and more.
  • Rare promo films
  • And more to be announced…

SF-lists-SERIES-ONE.jpg SF-lists-SERIES-TWO.jpg SF-lists-SERIES-THREE.jpg SF-lists-SERIES-FOUR.jpg
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Amazon USA

Note Amazon USA have release date listed as November 12th

UK is November 4th
Looks like no exclusive extras for pre-ordering from Network direct over Amazon (except the much better price including the original discount of course)

Really looking forward to the upgrade on these
Amazon UK and Zavvi Blu-ray Discs will be 1080i/50

Amazon USA likely to provide 1080i/60 (TBC)

Networkonair store will provide Blu-ray 1080i/50 or 1080i/60 depending on your location and TV system in used in your country
Got that part.... i was more leaning toward NETWORK Exclusive release will have something that others dont. But I guess sale didnt go as expected so they spread it all over.
Mine came with destroyed holders, I've emailed Network today but no response received yet, real shame

Congratulations on receiving a pristine set though, hopefully Network send out replacement boxes for those affected
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Mine arrived today as well.
All the slats are broken, I suppose the journey to Canada was a rough one but honestly, I think the boxing concept was a bit daft anyway. Each of the 4 collections are heavy and there's far too much empty space so I'm actually amazed to hear folks receive this without broken divider slats.
No loose discs at least and everything else about the set is quite lovely.
I see no "special addition" to the set coming straight from Network.

Oh, also wanted to mention, got nailed by Customs for $32 which I did not anticipate.
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Well, and here be photos!


The outside parcel is okay and was not damaged during transport. However, one can see that the address sticker has been placed on the side of the parcel (not on the side with the opening latches). That is a bad omen.


And the omen was true: once you open the latches, you see the upper cover of the boxset. Meaning that the boxset was inserted correctly, but the address was labeled on the wrong side, so that during transport, the box would constantly lie on the side (assuming the address sticker is on the top side).


Also, the box is in a bag, probably against water damage.


The outer box shows no signs of damage. It is actually very sturdy and nice. the "peeled off" stickers with the box title are actually spot-glossed.
Also, the box has a "rubbery" finish which is quite pleasant to the touch (I remember the Westworld digipak had the same kind of finish).


The back: a group picture of the Pythons.


Side view.


When taking off the cover, the box literally falls apart. Which was actually intended. Except...


...for the inner. The cardboard dividers and sidings are absolutely inadequate to hold the very heavy digipaks. And if the box ist transported sideways, instead of vertically, the accumulated weight presses against one side...


...totally ripping out the dividers and crushing the siding.


I suppose someone like that was packing it.


That was unfortunate. I really trust Network to make an uncomplicated replacement programme (easiest would be to mail just an empty box against a proof of purchase). I also expect a statement like this.


Anyway, here be the rest.
The box has the title on the one of the inner sides...


On the other side, there is a picture of a titty bobby.


The third side shows Gilliam's forest of hands (one of them as a popup)


Here the popup hand in detail.


And, the fourth side has the famous foot.


The small episode guide is also lying in the box. I heard that it got crushed by some by the weight of the digipaks. Mine was okay, at least.


The episode guide is rather basic: episode names and bonus material.


Now for the season boxes. They will also be available separately. The color coding of S1 is orange.
The design is oriented on playing cards (where you have the same motif twice, rotated by 180°).

Front side: the Wizzo Butter Man.


Back side: the blue parrot (Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage!), also placed in playing card fashion.
The slips of the digipaks are in the same rubbery finish as the outer box. Though they are rather thin and flimsy, the finish is a great improvement.


The slipcase contains the digipak itself, as well as a big, fat book by Arthur Pewtey Andrew Pixley. The book uses both motifs from the digipak slipcase.


To the books. They are really, really heavy (and mostly responsible for the damage to the inners). No wonder. Alone the S1 book has over 170 pages, and the other books are similar.

The contents is very informative and fact-based. Other than the hand and foot widgets it has neither illustrations nor photographs. There is a LOT of text to read!


The digipak from the outside. Nice!


And now the inside with the trays. The contents is divided over two discs.


Series 2. Color coding: Mustard.
Front side: the Minister of Silly Walking.


Back side: painted Prof. Gumby.


Book and digipak.


Digi from the outside.


Digi from the inside.


Series 3. Color coding: blue (Norwegian?).
Front side: the nude organist.


Back side: animated character from the intro.


Book and digi.


Digi from outside.


Digi from inside.


Series 4. Color coding: green.
Front side: balloons.


Back side: Mr. Neutron.


Book and digi.


Digi from outside.


And from the inside. There is only one disc! No wonder: Series 4 is just half as long as the other series. I wonder if Network will still charge the same price for the single season, though.


Due to that, the Series 4 digi is also slightly narrower than the others.

Nice touch: the motifs from front/back are reflected on the spines as well.


Final thoughts:

If not the SNAFU with the too weak inner part that gets crushed in transit, the box would have been GREAT. I do hope for a fast and uncomplicated replacement program by Network.

And now for something completely different: I took a look at the first two episodes yesterday. Some thoughts.

1) Liking the minimalistic menu. No logos, no copyrights, just the static menu. Fast and nice.
2) Liking that there is no BD-J, which enables to quickly resume playback next time.
3) The restoration work as far I could judge by the first two episodes, was amazing! Of course, you could see it best in Terry G.'s animation, but also, the rest looked splendid. The 16mm sequences, while not sourced from film, looked very nice, too. And the best thing: it didn't look like there's a jarring contrast between more or less restored scenes. It looked coherent - and very fresh. My compliments!
4) Downer No. 1: you can only select single episodes from the menu, not the sketches from within those episodes. Old Sony DVD was better in that way. Also, there seems to be no chapter stops for single sketches.
5) Downer 2: the only set of English subtitles is for HoH, meaning, they contain a lot of [STUFF HAPPENiNG]. Old Sony DVDs were also better in this aspect, offering separate English and English HoH subtitles.
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My copy arrived today. No shipping notice at all but I'm glad to say my copy is A1. No damage of any description. A lot of companies may claim to be the kings of restoring films but when it comes to TV shows Network are the kings. Just watched the 1st episode. Astonishing restoration and the film sequences are breathtaking. It's only when you watch this episode you realise how awful the show has been treated on home video over the years. Network deserve every penny they get back from this. It's obvious they went beyond the call of duty on this one.
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