The "OMG the price is high on Ebay, etc!!!" thread

What is your spending limit for Steelbooks?

  • I plead the 5th!

    Votes: 14 2.6%
  • Under $100 for sealed "Rare" Steelbook

    Votes: 145 26.7%
  • Under $50 for any Steelbook

    Votes: 139 25.6%
  • Over $100 for sealed, "Rare" Steelbook

    Votes: 71 13.1%
  • I'll spend ANY amount to get a missing Steelbook for my collection!

    Votes: 26 4.8%
  • It depends on the Steelbook-I decide at the time of purchase

    Votes: 199 36.6%

  • Total voters


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Apr 12, 2009
So, we have the "Fake" and "Steelbook Price Drop" thread, but we don't yet have the thread where you post listings with "crazy" prices for Steelbooks. If you see any, post them here and have fun debating. As per forum rules, please remain respectful with each other-one person's "high price", could be another's "deal of a lifetime" score. Enjoy! :scat:

Please keep discussion to Ebay and other retailers, not private sellers. steelbooks steelbooks UK
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Don't know if this one has been up here yet but definitely deserves an honorable mention. What a deal!

I could swear the owner of the #001 edition is a user of this forum, I think I saw someone uploading photos of it. It's hard to find, and therefore expensive, but what he's asking for is way too much
Just in case someone wanted this, there's an huge offer on eBay! And the shipping is free!!! Thank me later ;)View attachment 481956
I actually own this. Maybe I should undercut this guy by a grand?! lol

Sometimes I do wonder what some of my movies would garner on ebay. Like I have a mint condition sealed copy of Last Action Hero. When I got it I wanted to watch it, but it was on TV so I left it sealed. Every so often it will be on so it's remained sealed. Surely not the only one I have in shrinkwrap, but I think that one might be sought after.

and no, I'm not interested in letting it go, just surmising the possiblities.
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Maybe another 9 was hit by accident because I can't imagine any sane person would spend a grand on a single edition. Good luck.
I've questioned the price with the seller..
They said they have listed it at that price as it is reserved for a buyer and is priced at £999.99 to stop other people buying it....:rofl:
did you miss one of the Doctor Who steelbooks, and still don't have series 9? fear not! this resourceful seller has you covered. equivalent to 300 Nectar points, so half a basket of shopping. and free economy postage. form an orderly queue! :woot:

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This guy has nerves. :LOL: Not to mention that according to his description one has ding and tear in shrinkwrap. And he still has nerves to put it up for that kind of price :D.

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