Bottleneck Gallery The Prisoner of Azkaban by Mark Englert


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Aug 29, 2011
New York, NY
Mark Englert and Alex Hovey put on their robes and wizard hats and take us on a magical journey through Harry Potter’s world!

Mark’s print for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban spotlights Harry and his trusty hippogriff, Buckbeak, majestically soaring through the sky. Mark’s print hones in on the quiet wonderment of Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry’s great relationship with the mystical creatures of Hogwarts. Speaking of magic, Mark has also included a glow-in-the-dark layer that adds some fun foreshadowing to the piece!

Alex’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone print takes us back to the beginning of the series, with a young Harry learning the world is much more than meets the eye. Alex has done an impressive job conjuring so many vital bits from this introductory chapter Harry’s adventure, and we’re always happy to see the Sorting Hat make an appearance in a print!

Mark and Alex’s prints will be available for purchase on Thursday (10/19) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,!






The Prisoner of Azkaban by Mark Englert
8 color screen print with glow-in-the-dark ink layer
36 x 12 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 250


The Prisoner of Azkaban - Variant by Mark Englert
Screen print
36 x 12 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 75