UHD Club The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies Wooden Boxset (UC #?)


White Tulip
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Mar 12, 2019
Print Run:200
Release date: TBA 2023
Group buy hosted by @Kosm

Separate Wooden Coloured Boxsets for each movie.
More details and beauty Shots to follow


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I'd go after if HDZ wouldn't release gold set of LOTR.
Maybe i'll go after Hobbit since i don't own it yet - will see what they'll offer with it.
Extremely tempted by these LOTR wooden boxes. They’ve said they’ll be expensive compared to previous releases so need to see some beauty shots before deciding.
For UHD Club we have to use a forwarding company due to new laws in China which mean no discs can be sent directly outside of the mainland. This has added to the overall costs.
Do you know if there is a possibility of a discless edition (since I have no interest in the new 4K remasters anyway due to DNR filtering)?
No disc free editions planned. However you can still purchase these to arrive anywhere in the world since we have a new shipping arrangement
What are these shipping arrangements? I mean is everything still gets first delivered to your hub in the UK, or do they get shipped directly, like Blufans usually do?
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