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Aug 9, 2011
Hey Everyone,
Time to make some room and clear-out my Steelbook collection of any duplicates that I have. Almost everything here is 5+ years old, and have some rarities in here as well.
I will list most in $10 increment stages, so feel free to ask about any book or ask for additional pictures. It's been a while since i've collected, so I may not have all of the info listed. What you see in the pic is what you're getting
Most are new, unless noted.

Buy pays actual shipping, Will be packed nicely in a box to avoid any damages.

I'm located in the US (east coast)

So do not hesitate to make an offer.
Mix and Match, whatever you need.

First come first serve, no holds.
Thanks for looking!
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$5 each or 3for$12
Opened unless noted. Most have the cover page folded inside.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Case only
Cars (DE)
Elysium (US - Target) SOLD
GI Joe Retaliation (UK)
Hangover 2 (DE - all inserts)
Inception (Mexico - sealed - tear on front)
Kick-Ass (DE) SOLD
Lone Survivor (US)
Muppets - Case only - Sealed
Pirates of the Carabbean: On Stranger Tides (UK)
Robin Hood (DE)SOLD
Robocop (UK)
Shaun of the Dead (US - no dvd) SOLD
Snow White and the Huntsman (US)
Twilight New Moon

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$15 each or (2 for $20)

Beowulf (DE) sealed - shrink tear on left
Book of Eli (DE quarsteel) open
Dead Rising Watchtower (UK) (open with 1/4 slip)
Ender's Game (US Target) Open
Ghostbusters II (US Best Buy Popart) sealed
Gladiator (UK) open
Impossibles (DE) open
In Time (DE) sealed - shrink tear on right SOLD
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (US Best Buy) Sealed
Paul (US) open - paint worn top right
Robot Overlords (UK) (sealed)
Sex and Zen 3D (DE) open
The Mist (DE) sealed
Zombieland (US Best Buy) Sealed

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$25 Each or (2 for $40)
Brave (US) - empty case sealed
Drive (US) Popart Best Buy
Expendables (DE) sealed
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (DE) open
Fifth Element (DE) open
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (DE) sealed quarsteel
Matrix (CA) sealed
Monsters Inc (DE) sealed
Salt [Czech Republic] sealed
V for Vendetta (CA) sealed
Wanted (DE) open

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$30 each. All sealed in good condition.
Adventures of Tintin (Kuifje)
Bug's Life (DE)
Corpse Bride (UK) SOLD
Evil Dead
Ghostbusters (Project PopArt - Best Buy)
Serenity (DE) Quarsteel
Sharknado (UK)
Zombieland (DE)
Zombieland (UK)

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$40 each. All sealed in good condition unless noted

Back to the Future Trilogy (US - Target)
Drive (DE)
Coraline (DE)
Real Steel (Dutch)
Up (Oben - DE)
Tomb Raider (DE) empty game steelbook with slip. Slip has some wear on front top. Open but in good condition

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$50 each.

Atlas Shrugged Movie set 1-3 (set is $50) - all open from manufacturer, in great condition
- Atlas Shrugged: Part One, Steelbook Special Edition [Blu-ray]
- Atlas Shrugged: Part Two: The Strike, Steelbook Special Edition [Blu-ray]
- Atlas Shrugged: Part Three: Who is John Galt? Steelbook Special Edition [Blu-ray]

Disturbia (DE) SOLD
Total Recall (DE) - minor shrink wrap tear on front as shown

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Priced individually:

Drive - Blu Ray Steelbook - 1/4 Slip - Nova Media Exclusive NE-001Q #0366 / 400 - $120
Emmanuelle (DE Metalpak) - (open) $75
Machete (UK - open) $30
Boondock Saints (DE) (loose disk) $20
Equilibrium (CA Futureshop) $50
Evil Dead (DE Popart Region B) $50
Judge Dredd (DE) $80
Phenomena (UK) $60
Zombieland (Finland) $60

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