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Apr 12, 2009
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Arrow replied to me about Vat for EU customers

They replied they looking into the Vat situation and will update me when they can

It also might explain why a recent in stock release I ordered on new website not been shipped yet
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Arrow have given me an update in regards to Vat for customers based in EU

This is the reply from Arrow

Hi Paul
Unfortunately, as systems stand, your order may be subject to customs and additional VAT charges when it arrives in your country.
We are working as quickly as we can to put measures in place so that future orders will be delivered to EU countries without any extra tax to pay.
We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and if you are charged additional fees, please make sure you keep a copy of your receipt and upload this to our customer service team through your account.
Once we have proof of payment, we will be able to refund back to the payment method on your order or as credit to your Arrow films account.
Arrow Shocktober

Amazon UK
Arrow Shockotober 2 for £16
Buy two films from the qualifying selection for £16, when dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk. (terms and conditions apply)

How to claim​

  1. Add 2 items from the products below to your basket using the Add to basket button or select See options for specific product variations.
  2. When you've finished shopping, select Go to basket.
  3. The offer will automatically be applied at checkout, if eligible
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Any idea whether the sale goes live on their website directly? Or is it just other sellers?
With the issues with changover not fully completed yet to new website there could be a delay in listing the sale on Arrow website

You likely get better prices anyway by using Zavvi or Amazon or HMV
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@jonnybobbytimmy @Kinggoose

Arrow UK Website Shockotober Sale

Some prices still to be changed

UK and EU countries will see sale prices other countries won't see

Arrow USA Website Shockotober Sale
Change shipping and Region/Language/Currency to USA
USA/Canada Shipping only

careful with the arrow sale at Zavvi, they have a maximum amount of -50GBP in one order for the -40% SHOCKTOBER voucher.

wanted to order at Arrow direct but shipping was 25GBP vs 2.99GBP at Zavvi
Arrow UK website
Sales price are now showing for all countries

Shipping cost though will vary depending on your delivery address