What's your last Arrow Blu-ray purchased?


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Apr 12, 2009
Feel free to jump in and share your recent purchases. Have fun!


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i have most of them so far..

i just ordered yesterday

Arrow Video: Lisa and the Devil / The House of Exorcism [Limited Edition Slipbox - 1000 copies]
Arrow Video: Zombie Flesh Eaters [Blu-ray SteelBook]
Arrow Video: Knightriders
Rabid Dogs/Kidnapped
The People Under the Stairs
invasion of body snatchers steelbook
Arrow Academy: Cinema Paradiso
Arrow Video: The Fury
Been told today by Arrow that they aren't going to produce anymore slipcase releases in the future as apparently they cost too much to make and damage easily!

They announced that a while ago, although they did make limited edition ones for a few titles. I really wish they would have carried on making there slipboxes, they were really nice quality. I would be happy to pay a little extra for a slipbox.
i think they should carry on their practice of the standard releases (with the new design), + 1000 limited slipcovers exclusively available on the arrow site.
My last Arrow pick up was the Zombie Flesh Eaters steelbook. Might be my fav steel in my collection. Absolutely stunning (it's also my only Arrow release so I'll look forward to future releases). :D

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These are my latest arrow purchases!

I am collecting 2 of each limited edition slipcase release. One to open and keep for my own collection and one collection to keep sealed and hopefully they will be worth a bomb in years to come :)

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