[WINNER CHOSEN] Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood, there were Warm Bodies - Blu-ray SteelBook and Digipack - GIVEAWAY

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Giving away a sealed Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood SteelBook along with a sealed Warm Bodies Digipack.

How to enter? Click on the "like" button of this post and reply below.

Winner pays shipping.


jaws finatic

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Mar 6, 2013
Downeast Maine
@IRON MAN I think you should do two tosses, or selections, one for each title, so people have two chances to get something.
I really like both, but I'd be happy with either!
Well, if you win it you can certainly let @IRON MAN know you only want one of them, and happily defer to a runner up! Pretty sure I'm not the only Ninja who has done that in the past. Plus, I kinda dig the multi giveaway thingy.

That said, please do not include me in this contest as I'm all set with these releases, but thanks for yet another giveaway dude! You bring a lot of happiness to people with these things.
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