Your most expensive A/V purchase

Apr 16, 2014
What was your most expensive purchase when it comes to watching movies?

I think for me it might be the Marantz AV8805A.

It wasn’t that expensive (not compared to the AV 10) but now I’ve bought it, I want to take advantage of all those height channels.

That means I am going to have move house to somewhere with a larger room for all those speakers…
By far my Definitive Technology speaker setup. The front Dymension DM80s I have are a dual front setup meaning two left and two right then the 15" Subwoofer with Dual 15" Bass Radiators at the front of the room and another 10" Subwoofer with Dual 10" Bass Radiators at the rear of the room, then I have Dymension DM90 Integrated Height Modules that attach to my DM80s then I have
Dymension DM95 Wall-Mountable Surround Height Modules for the surround rear height and side rear height surrounds, the ProMonitor 1000 Compact High-Definition Satellite Speaker for the floor surrounds and side surrounds and then the Dymension DM20 Slim Center Channel Speaker.
Also have the Denon AVR-A1H which was not cheap but it gives me more than enough features that I'm very happy with it.

My Speaker Setup.png
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