American Psycho (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. 63) [Hong Kong]

Apr 14, 2017
Release date: June 21, 2024
Purchase links: One Click - Pet Full Slip - Double Lenti A - Double Lenti B (Pre-order on April 19, at 8 PM - Hong Kong time)
Price: $164.97 (One Click) - $49.99 (Pet Full Slip - Double Lenti A - Double Lenti B)

AP_overall_packshot_OC_5000x.jpg AP_overall_packshot_FS_5000x.jpg AP_overall_packshot_DLSA_5000x.jpg AP_overall_packshot_DLSB_5000x.jpg

AP_SB_front_2000x.jpg AP_SB_back_2000x.jpg

We're excited to announce our upcoming Steelbook project featuring artwork by the very talented illustrator, Karl Fitzgerald. We believe many collectors have seen his artwork online such as "Blade Runner", "Kill Bill" and others. We've always admired his work and style and we are very happy to work with him on our next project.
For our latest project, Karl has created an "American Psycho" Steelbook illustration paying homage to the original book cover. We're truly impressed by how he's captured the essence of the film in his unique way.
If you are interested in seeing more of his works, please check out the websites below:
IG -
Website -
Pre-order information for our Steelbook will be released soon through our retailers.
Thank you for your support,
Manta Lab
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Here's the full post by KOSM for anyone interested...

Dear KOSM members @everyone
Many of you may be wondering where the copies of Batman Begins Manta Lab are. Let me explain what has been happening.
I’ve been a host for Manta Lab since 2021 and have held many successful Group buys, advertised their products and brought in many new followers for them. No issues.
You know however that recently there have been some who have tried to jeopardise my work. Recently someone reported the Manta Lab Wonka release from my website to Warner Bros. Warner Bros said that the release was a fake and that I should immediately remove it from my website. I replied that this is a release from Manta Lab and was supposed to be approved by them.
A few days later I received an email from Manta Lab saying that they were investigated by Warner Bros and had to clarify their release. Shockingly Manta Lab also told them that they had no idea who I was, despite working as a host for them for 3 years and they then told me that I need to remove all Manta Lab Products from their website.
When I questioned this and asked them why other Uk hosts were allowed to list them, such as Mark Tregunno from – they had no answer for me.
Then – in an even more shocking move – they CANCELLED all of our pending Group Buy orders – Batman Begins, Godzilla, Aquaman and Wonka. I spent the next several days emailing them to ask why they are doing this and they refused to answer and even blocked me on Facebook.
I cannot believe this action from Manta Lab after all this time, because their actions affect not only myself but all of you collectors. It’s as if they do not care about all of you who are waiting to receive and purchase their items – simply because their pride has been hurt and they were questioned over matters.
So I am extremely sorry to each and every one of you – but for now – this is the end of our dealings with Manta Lab.
Perhaps it’s for the best in the long run, they have been releasing title that are sub-par at best, - superhero movies and franchises that nobody is interested in anymore. And despite a couple of interesting releases (Leon and American Psycho) they have not really been the same as they once were.
However this does not take away the fact that this is an extremely inconvenient situation and I now have to work out the logistics of all of the refunds etc. I’ve still not received them all.
I will have to contact you all about refunding or adding as credit for future purchases. I am so very sorry to each and every one of you for this situation and I know that many of you are in this group to receive Manta Lab products and you will now have to try and find these items elsewhere. I am sorry to have let you all down in this.
This situation has also caused me great stress and I’ve had to reassess a few things – regarding this group and its purpose.
So I’ve made a decision. This Group-and the UHD Club group will be disbanded and all group buy activities for retailers such as UHD Club Club Hdzeta, Blufans, Filmarena, Cinemuseum , Walmart, Zavvi etc will continue on our other group
All Things Premium - 4K & Blu-ray. PLEASE JOIN THIS GROUP
The Group Subscription fee will be CANCELLED with immediate effect. For those that supported that arrangement – I thank you for your loyalty during the last few months.
Information about any future retail release from KOSM(still in the works) will be announced on the official King Of Steel Media Business Page
Once again – I apologise for this extremely surprising turn of events that are out of my hands.
Thank you
P.S Please do not text me about all of this - I’m still trying to process it all mentally and also financially. I will need time to deal with each of your pending orders and I am grateful for you in giving me this time.
Holy hell..., what a sheeeet for many, I'm sure...
(now read the next pages..., for a possible fact)
Sounds more like Manta was looking for an excuse to terminate. Makes no sense.., could have laughed this off in a call with WB, and moved on... Why the drama?
Welcome to every import service existing anywhere, ever. People can order whatever they want & resell if they wish.
Actually, that's a really good point no-one mentioned... There would be an element of, "a GB, at marked up prices in another Region?? and we don't get a cut!?!?!!"
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Lot went down it seems….

Honestly not surprised as took a punt on the guy with a single steel ages back, nightmare, so sus and uncoordinated. Never gone near since.

Am just gutted for anyone who thought they secured copies of now sold out releases, and will no longer be getting them.
Thats a kick in the teeth and then some.

Makes me nervous for other GB’s though (Manta are terrible with issues direct, and why I always do GB’s now, for that buffer. So if they truely did spit their dummy out and dump and innocent GB host, then its also not surprising and worries me they might do it again as the GB list grows ever smaller).
Shame as I do love Manta’s end results. Second only to BF usually.

I honestly hope anyone caught up in this is able to get their copies elsewhere and not lose out.
Few things worse than missing steelbooks.