4K-USA Avatar (2009) (4K + Blu-ray Ultimate Collector's Edition) [USA]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: June 20, 2023
Purchase links: Amazon
Price: $33.99
Notes: Theatrical Cut UHD and Blu-ray - Remastered 2022 Version

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I hope audio won't be on pair of one like BP: WF, but considering it's Disney i think it's very high chance that they'll fu*k it up.
So is this getting a Uk release?
Yes Avatar (2009) 4K will be released in UK and other countries
Just waiting on Disney UK/Ireland and Disney Europe to officially announce release for these regions

Germany release is available to pre order but release date is TBA
This one is getting steelbook release. At least according to the other site. Curious to see as what they'll come up to with.
Finland/Norway/Sweden/Denmark retailers have listings for a 4K SteelBook

USA 4K SteelBook not announced yet if happening

True. But i think consdering "boom" of this movie it's just matter of time. At least some countries in EU should follow with US too.
Would be very surprised if that wouldn't be true.