I finally found it! My “holy grail”!


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Aug 6, 2010
The fine folks at /r/steelbooks have a good idea that I think could work well here.

Share a picture or pictures of your most recent “grail” discovery.

A “GRAIL” is an edition that might have taken you a while to find, has a good story about how you found it, or is important to you in some way. Grail does NOT indicate value. A $5 find at a thrift store could be a grail to you!

1) where you found it (RETAILER, MARKETPLACE, THRIFT STORE, etc)
2) who produced the edition (if it's a premium or retailer exclusive, please note to help other members! Filmarena, Reel Synergy, BluFans, Zavvi Exclusive, etc)
3) your own picture
4) share your story, if you can!
5) (optional) if you traded for it, what was the trade or how much you might have purchased it for.

To kick off this thread and to keep it going, there will be at least one giveaway, maybe more if there’s enough participation!

The more grails you post in single / individual posts, the better chances become!

Prize list:

1 winners of 4k Blu-ray COMPLETE Indiana Jones set
2 winners of 4k Blu-ray Godfather Trilogy set
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You're missing the lenticular buddy ;)
I'm not, it just came separately (these are old 'arrivals' photos).
Those were the times, when you could order a lenti on January 29th, then after thinking a while, buy the other two editions as well more than two weeks later, on February 16th. :shipped: