Loki: The Complete First Season (4K and Blu-ray SteelBooks) [USA]

Aug 10, 2023
Release date: September 26, 2023
Purchase links: Amazon - Best Buy - Target - Walmart (Pre order live from August 28 some retailers when going live date will vary)
Price: TBA (Amazon) - $44.99 (Best Buy) - TBA (Target) - $44.96 (Walmart)
Group buy: hosted by apsmith21


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Most likely everybody will have the same price eventually. Or people can get Best Buy to price match other retailers.
Most likely everybody will have the same price eventually. Or people can get Best Buy to price match other retailers.
In this case you can, but they do the same thing with exclusives. They’re constantly price gouging, so i avoid them as much as possible, but if Guardians 3 ever drops in price (and they actually put in the website, bc they’re pretending it’s sold out, even tough local stores have a dozen or more copies on the shelf) I’ll pick it up, but not for anything close to the 39 they‘re asking. I’m hoping it’ll happen this weekend.
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@paulboland so with US doing separate 4k and bluray
the 4k being 2 discs US and the uk version being 4 discs is there difference in the size of the discs?
also if it is uk version has both 4k and bluray together and thats what i missed, i would presume then usa being more expensive on each edition that the finishes on the usa one will be where the extra money is spent as one guess?
thinking gloss as one thought and uk not because it is rare that cheaper in effect in uk for all 4 discs together.

basil :thumbs:
Looks nice and colourful. Ah man I’m so scared for the European version turning out matte now.

Also didn’t realise how soon it’s out in the US
I know like sooo expensive like $8.33 per episode, it's like they are actually charging for a steelbook and the 2 x 100gb 4k discs.
The cheek of it :rofl:
Admittedly that's twice as expensive, as those $130 X-Files season digipacks, or on the level of 11 volumes of Farscape season at $25 each for $275 per season, because those were real television seasons with 22-24 episodes, so gotta divide that by 4, or multiply $50 by 4...
But that was over 20 years ago, and you do get higher quality (of video, no way is content better), and a steelbook.
Marvel movie first release steelbooks are now $38.99 each at Best Buy for a single movie which are usually 2 to 2 and a half hours long. So $6 more at Walmart or $11 more at Best Buy for a TV series which is over twice as long...

For the people who complain about the price of steelbooks, yeah I know, anything over $25 for you guys is a crime. Actually even that is probably too high for you guys.

Go ahead. Reply with the "I'll wait until Black Friday for the $10 bargain price. If it sells out then money saved" comments.

Still not worth $50 ;)- for 6 episodes only :rollseyes:
Well, all physical media have a huge markup. Probably they could sell it for $5 and still make profit. But comparatively this is a better deal than Disney movie releases like Elemental or The Little Mermaid for $39.99.

If I were to buy either of those (I haven’t), here in NYC with tax I’d pay $43.54. Bull Moose charged me $45.97 for Loki, albeit we’ll see if it actually arrives undamaged. .