WINNER CHOSEN Nemesis Sequel Triple Feature Blu-ray w/ Slipcover - Courtesy of MVD Rewind Collection

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March 26 to March 30th. Winner will be chosen at a random time on March 31st by using a random number generator.

All registered members, regardless of post count.


The winner will take a new, sealed copy of NEMESIS 2, 3, & 4 on Blu-ray courtesy of the MVD Rewind Collection!

Just thank the thread and reply below with a GIF or video of a scene from an '80s action/sci-fi movie SEQUEL that you'd like to see MVD release as part of their Rewind Collection.

This giveaway is open to our members worldwide. The winner is responsible for paying for his/her own shipping. Do not enter if you're going to give me slack about shipping costs.

Only enter this giveaway if you’re keeping these items for yourself. MVD has generously donated to the HDN community, so please do not enter if you’re a reseller! :thumbs:

Good luck, everyone!

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Stay tuned for updates throughout Ninja Week 2019 and all year round:

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The winner is here! Congratulations to...

Please PM me your shipping address details and we'll discuss shipping options from there.

Also, if you have any social media page, it'd be appreciated if you could take a photo of the item after you receive it and tag MVD on it, thanking them for the prize!

Thanks to all the entrants! :thumbs:

I will be happy to post on instagram and twitter. Thank you
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