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Mar 9, 2016
The Netherlands

Hi All,

After my post in this thread ( I received quite some PMs. After deliberation -and with approval of @Wreck I decided to open separate thread for this. Please find listed below the username, country and requested item(s):

  1. @GeoRattray - UK - 2x BD steelbook
  2. @Hereticz - ... - 3x 4K steelbook
  3. @Nova - ... - 1x 4K steelbook
  4. @Lenny Nero - UK - 1x BD steelbook
  5. @yelin0318 ... - 2x BD steelbook
  6. @markostaa - Fra - 1x BD steelbook
  7. @Bladelia - ... - 1x 4K steelbook
  8. @Ranavalone - FIN - 1x 4K steelbook
  9. @Jhadur - UK - 1x 4K steelbook
  10. @StifflersDad - UK - 1x BD steelbook
  11. @tanokike - JP - 1x 4K steelbook
  12. @bloodsnake007 - US - 1x BD steelbook
  13. @dfoles - US - 2x BD steelbook
  14. @navydavey - UK - 1x BD steelbook
  15. @OMRA1080 - ISR - 2x BD steelbook
  16. @aj101097 - US - 1x 4K steelbook
  17. @Smmajc11 - US - 1x 4K steelbook
  18. @tha_lunatic - DE - 1x BD steelbook & 1x 4K steelbook
  19. @Basil - UK - 1x 4K steelbook
  20. @steelmybeatingheart - UK - 1x BD steelbook & 1x 4K steelbook
  21. @kryptonite - US - 1x BD steelbook
  22. @CFIcare - US - 1 x 4K steelbook
  23. @Dhiraj1 - UK - 3x 4K steelbook
BD (currently at €27,99): John Wick 4 (Blu-ray) (Steelbook) (Blu-ray), Laurence Fishburne | Dvd's |
4K (currently at €39,99): John Wick 4 (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) (Steelbook), Laurence Fishburne | Dvd's |
I send you all a PM with the request to provide your full address. Steelbooks wil be forwarde at cost (retail + shipping). I will have to pay when I put in the order so please respect your request. I will order extra to ensure an mint copy for all.

Link to shipping calculator:

Any questions? just contact me :)

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feck it!
1x bd
1x 4k
to deutschland, please
Sorry, can't do it.

I heard you only collect "rare ****" not these simple releases ;)

hey @larson1977, very Ninja-ly of you to help out in this way, thanks:thanks: , appreciate it's a lot of effort :notworthy:.

if still available, 1x both the blu ray and also the 4k please. :woot: if not still open for orders, no worries. :)
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Hi all,

As we come closer to release date, I will not take anymore requests to assure a smooth shipping phase and extra's to assure undamaged copies for all :). It might be worth wild for UK and US members to share shipping costs and have the individual items shipped locally bh 1 member. But that's all up yo you guys and gals ;)

I'll go through my PM inbox and make changes to the list in OP according you're request when applicable. Keep y'all posted :thanks:
Believe it or not, I just saw this post today so if anyone backs out or stiffs you for payment please keep me in mind. Thanks. Bob
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I’ve got a couple of leftover copies (which came early, too). If anyone’s looking for a copy of this but missed out on Larson’s GB, DM me.


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I’ve got a couple of leftover copies (which came early, too). If anyone’s looking for a copy of this but missed out on Larson’s GB, DM me.
The release date was 22.07. They certainly shipped them well in advance.

Anyway, I like the photos on that 1/4 slip better than the ones on the US and UK slips and amarays.

I also notice that, like the German editions, the Benelux ones also come with the 'World of Wick' featurette, the Amazon not-so exclusive
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