Show Off Your Autographed Editions!


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Dec 21, 2013
Hi everyone!

I thought it would be awesome for everyone to show off what editions theyve had signed! Also show off any photos, books or merchandise you have!

I just have one edition for now because whenever I go to a convention I usually get photos signed because I have an album I put them in. Which im so proud of. :D I'll post up pics of those later too!

This is my signed copy Wolf Creek by the legendary John Jarrett. What an awesome guy he is! It says " To Eloise, Love Your Guts, John Jarrett" :LOL: A bit hard to read I know. :)

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Probably the gem of my collection. The collector's digipak of Peter Jackson's early works containing "Bad Taste" (1987), "Meet the Feebles" (1989) and "Braindead / Dead Alive" (1992), which I actually designed back in ~2001 for a German DVD label.
Autographed by Sir Peter Jackson, Sir Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop), Jed Brophy ("Braindead") and Mark Hadlow ("Meet the Feebles").

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amazing ! fact that you designed it makes it obviously even more amazing :thumbs:
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