No Time to Die (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Blufans Exclusive #70) [China]

Aug 25, 2011
Hong Kong

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If we received the tracking, do we still need to provide you the name or last name, or is it only for people who didn't get the mail ?

He meant those who didn't get an email and choose to PM him. If you got an email, you don't need to do anything except wait for the shipment.
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My OC arrived earlier. Bit of a mixed bag for me if I'm honest.

OC box and PET, great. I'm pretty happy with both of those.

SL, excellent. Sharp and smooth transition. Nice finish on rear.

DL, meh. Images aren't great imo and they're kinda pixelated.

FS, dull and disappointing. Front image isn't sharp and the finish is pretty bland. Shame, because that was my favourite.

As it stands, I'm playing with the idea of taking the folder from the FS, pairing it with the SL, and selling the other 2 slips off.
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Hello everyone,

Is it possible do still find the big edition of No time to die Blufans ? :)
welcome to the forum! :) if you mean the "one click" edition above which has all of the others in it, all of the Group Buys (GBs) on this and other sites have now concluded. blufans do not sell direct from their website, only via GBs. a few other places may have some copies, Facebook, elsewhere, but i'm afraid - as @StifflersDad so correctly states - it's likely to be eBay. good luck! :watch:
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Just received my OC. Nice edition. The only little detail : they used the poster that shows the release date being in April 2020. Would have prefered a poster with the new release date.
I just got mine and it’s gorgeous! As usual with blufans, is the audio Dolby atmos as in the USA edition for both blu ray and 4K?
As a rule they'll have the core English track available in key markets, yes. Particularly with universal, wb etc.. i can't speak for the blu (though I imagine so), but the 4K has English atmos.
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