Oppenheimer (2023) (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive) [Hong Kong]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: TBA
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Note: From Manta Lab via Collectong

Dear Customers,

Happy CNY everyone! We are happy to announce the 2023 exclusive steelbook releases (Tentative). All releases from the list are not guaranteed. 2022 releases that were not released in 2022 may not release in 2023 due to issues from our distributor.

Khm, added this one along Inception, TDK trilogy and Dune Part 2. :p
Now that's srsly that for me from ML for this year. At least what's announced :p
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Hope Manta come up with something special and improve on their last couple of releases. This deserves a good set.
They always seem limited with the Nolan releases but that’s also down to WB. Maybe they can work better with Universal

Prestige was probably their best use of art imo

Think I’m going to see this on Saturday. Inception was his last film to blow me away and I’m seriously looking forward to this. It’s been a while
scores by Göransson are also masterpiece...
It’s mad he went from composing & producing some of the greatest Childish gambino albums (including my personal favourite songs sweatpants, the worst guys, 3005 and redbone) aswell as other rappers, singers and bands like vampire weekend, Adele and Alicia Keys to these amazing film scores. Including the mandalorian theme tune. What a career
Watched this yesterday, masterful performances all around.

@CollectorEmtee I heard you didn't like it and only watched it 5 times so far.

Looking forward to seeing what ML do with this.
Yeah, so bad experiencing this five times in a row LOL

Great film btw. An absolute masterpiece imo. Well, not my favorite Nolan film, but his most accomplished work imo.

Cannot wait to see some artworks from ML :)
It's one of those scores where I watched the movie and thought, "How in the world did someone look at those images and think up that music??" Amazing combination of image, music, and sound design. For me, the music/sound is the primary reason to get to this one in IMAX. It needs the best sound system possible. What I love about Ludwig is that every project he does is something very different. There's not a "typical Ludwig score." That's rare. Even Hans Zimmer tends to do clusters of movie scores that sound relatively similar before he moves on to something different.
tenet was great!
chris jericho what GIF by CBC

There's literally no one else right now, besides Tom Cruise with McQuarrie, that are still making such big budget real freaking movies, with real shite exploding, not delusional, idiotic and 'safe' saturday morning cartoons, like Cameron, Marvel, etc do.
So if you don't like them, you're an enemy of cinema!
Villeneuve should be on that list.
Let's be honest here, this one had to „convince” cinemas to keep it on the run for almost two months (or more) to actually get those money...
I can't recall when other movie than the first Avatar stayed that long in cinemas, the only NOTABLE difference is that Avatar stayed FULL DAY in cinema, while this „masterpiece” only had one or two screenings on each cinema ... at least that's what happened here in Romania, Bucharest, and more notably in IMAX.
Just stating the facts, not looking for an argument or to start a dispute...