Taxi Driver (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [USA]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: July 2, 2024
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Price: $29.99

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Hmmm.. I saw a post that the delay is due to an error with the transfer (duplicate scene that was not picked up on the previous release). I know it was reported that the EU delay was due to QC on the actual Steelbook but wonder if it is actually because of the same error?
Another transfer with a duplicate scene? How do they even manage to do that... I swear all these employees are now worse, than amateur YouTubers, and that's why I expect every new transfer to suck. Kinda like 'cancel [non]culture' - guilty of being bad till proven otherwise, and even then I probably won't care by that time...

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Not sure, but the back of the steelbook appears to be gloss, while the front is satin. The movie title on the front should have been spot gloss.
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Looks to be a clean matte finish. Nice.
Front is higher quality matte and back is glossy. It’s very nice.

Mine can with two dents in the front. Was able to remove one of them completely and the other by about 95%, so it looks pretty clean. There was also a paint chip on the front. But it’s usually easy to fill in and blend small ones on matte black finishes, and so that’s now gone. Would’ve like this one mint, but I’m really happy with it.
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Looks to be a clean matte finish. Nice.
It would be a Satin Finish on the front not Matte
The USA/Canada SteelBook was made in North America
North America scanavo plant use the following varnish finishes Satin/Spot Gloss/Full Gloss

Matte Finish is used for SteelBooks made in Scanavo European/Asia sites.

Matte and Satin while they can look very similar they each are a different varnish finish.

It's not known yet what finish has been used for the Taxi Driver SteelBook made in Europe that got delayed by a few months due to manufacturing issue.
North America Steelbook release of Taxi Driver was not affected with that issue.
mine should arrive tmrw but now that I saw the unboxing I def like the original way better! I went on this one coz of the art, I may just switch the discs….
This SteelBook release has corrected version of the film on both UHD and Blu-ray discs

The previous releases the Blu-ray amaray 40th Anniversary with slipcover edition released in 2016 and the UHD in the Columbia Classics Collection Volume 2 Box Set released in 2021 had duplicate scene errors.
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