Multi The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (Animatronic Collector's Edition)

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Jul 28, 2019
United Kingdom

Release Date: November 22
Price: £65
Store: Bandai Namco

This Animatronic Collector’s edition, exclusive to the BANDAI NAMCO Store includes:
  • The Devil in Me full game (PS4™, PS5™, XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X|S and PC Download)
  • Exclusive animatronic bust figurine (11 cm, resin, hand-painted) : Du’Met uses the bodies of his victims to construct horrific animatronics. This one is his mentor and inspiration, serial killer Manny Sherman
  • The Animatronic’s box
  • Exclusive Lonnit Entertainment business card
  • Exclusive Hotel Postcard + Envelope
  • Printed map of the hotel’s island
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