The Fifth Element (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Prestige Edition) (FNAC Exclusive) [France]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: December 6 23, 2023 (Prestige) - February 28, 2024 (SteelBook Only)
Purchase links: Prestige Edition FNAC - ESC Distribution - SteelBook Only FNAC
Price: €149.99 (Prestige FNAC) - €134.99 (Prestige ESC) - €39.99 (SteelBook Only FNAC)

Note: Limited to 1000 numbered copies. 200 copies available through Esc, 800 copies available through FNAC.
The Prestige Edition includes 1 4K + 1 Blu-ray + 1 Blu-ray bonus + an 80-page booklet + a 32-page storyboard book + a 36-page artwork booklet + stickers + 1 poster + 1 keychain + 1 patch + 1 multipass + 1 Zorg card + 3 movie flyers + 1 matchbox + 10 photos

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I agree. Way too expensive and honestly I despise none English titles. It would ruin it for me, which is why I never got the Showdown in Little Tokyo Metalpak.
It's a French film though. :naughty:

Just ordered it via ESC. €131 with shipping to Germany (incl. 10% discount code).

Love the artwork and the goodies! 10000x better than the Zavvi edition! :drool::drool::drool:
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If you order from Esc Distribution, it's 112,49 € + shipping. At least that's the price to USA.
Judging by the price drop when you add in the destination country, that'll be with French VAT removed though, which I guess is ok for the import regulations for you guys in the US.

I'm relatively sure they won't collect UK VAT, so UK buyers are likely to get lumbered with customs fees ontop of the €120.

Total price will jump to around the £135-140 GBP mark. So we're better off ordering from FNAC for about £132, who do pay UK VAT, and is just under the £135 import tax free limit.
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Why is this so expensive ? I mean if its the same quality as everythingblu i get it... but this likely will be a standard slipbox with almost no special treatment and a matt steelbook. Or am i wrong? And the french title definitely kills it
Much prefer that to Zavvi's... not a single awful filter in sight! Just a shame about the French title.

I think the steel art is by Flore Maquin, the same artist who also did the Leon steel some years back.

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Hilarious the complaints about the French title on a French edition for a French (English-language :rolleyes:) film.

The ONE thing I actually don’t like, is the generic font of the title on the Steelbook.

They could have used the logo there, or just without any title on the Steelbook itself. (Like the Leon Steelbook @Noodles posted).