The Fifth Element (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Prestige Edition) (FNAC Exclusive) [France]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: December 6 23, 2023 (Prestige) - February 28, 2024 (SteelBook Only)
Purchase links: Prestige Edition FNAC - ESC Distribution - SteelBook Only FNAC
Price: €149.99 (Prestige FNAC) - €134.99 (Prestige ESC) - €39.99 (SteelBook Only FNAC)

Note: Limited to 1000 numbered copies. 200 copies available through Esc, 800 copies available through FNAC.
The Prestige Edition includes 1 4K + 1 Blu-ray + 1 Blu-ray bonus + an 80-page booklet + a 32-page storyboard book + a 36-page artwork booklet + stickers + 1 poster + 1 keychain + 1 patch + 1 multipass + 1 Zorg card + 3 movie flyers + 1 matchbox + 10 photos

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Anybody else got charged right away on FNAC? Or was it because I used gift voucher? Normally FNAC charges on release date, not preorder :/

how was their packaging if I can ask?

Their packaging is risky. I mean, they use pretty solid carton, but they don´t use any padding material whatsoever. I dont receive many damages from them luckily, but its mainly due to the courrier they use - DHL/DPD. If they use normal psotal service the damage rate would be definitely much higher. And also, due to not padding material, mostly the edges of steels/slips are little bit scratched and have rips in shrinkwrap. Allin all, not best packaging, its risky, but still definitely better chance to receive it in better shape than from AMZ for example.
The pricetag is crazy imo.
The price of this release, including shipping, is equivalent to a monthly average cashier's wage in my warring country. So that's like $2000 or £2000 for locals.
It's 1/20th for ya'll, quit complaining. :shipped:
@DentedSteelbook Your username is bound to give most collectors, self proclaimed OCD and others, cold sweats and nightmares. :p
Coming for all your Steelbooks!

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Good to hear, however it shouldn't work that way haha they're not UK VAT registered and have removed the VAT at checkout, so I expect thats lazy UK customs more than anything else lol
I didn't check the customs form but wouldn't be surprised if there were some *mistakes* on there, companies are taking the mickey since Brexit and marking stuff down to avoid automatic returns when customers don't pay the fees, can't imagine the amount of tax revenue being lost, not so bad for these small value items but business to business is no doubt doing similar things.
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the steelbook looks nice.. the full slip not so much.. price is ridiculous.. all that tat is worth 5$ max.. at least with the zavvi one you get two sturdy premium boxes with embossing
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shame on me for not knowing that ESC shipped to the US. i can't believe myself or why i never checked. thanks for that info everyone, that posted in this thread.
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Sorry if offend...but I think that whole package is fugly as ugly can be. :LOL:
Zavvi design suits the film way more, it may not be classy but neither is the film. Zavvis is gaudy, camp and outrageous. Nuff said. Match made in heaven.
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I actually really like this steel. Hope to pick it up elsewhere. But the extras are really cool too. Ok the multi pass and Zorg card come with the EB/zavvi version but I like the style of the taxi company
Style book and NYC mail folders and the concept art book.
Still annoyed the zavvi version seemed to removed the enamel pin