[WINNER CHOSEN] Apollon's "You ready, Ninjas?" #1 - Wacom Bamboo Spark Smart Pen+Folio+Gadget Pocket

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WINNER: @bloodsnake007

Ninja week from February 20 till February 26

All registered members, regardless of post count

PRIZE: Wacom Bamboo Spark Smart Pen and Folio with Gadget Pocket - for more info check out the listing on Apple.com

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Thank this post (to show you read and agreed to the terms) and tell us why should you win. Be creative!

One post/entry per person. The winner is responsible for paying for his/her own shipping. The packaging material will be donated by Apollon.

Please note that since I will be traveling during Ninja Week up until the end of March, the prizes will start shipping once I'm back, i.e. end of March.

Good luck everyone!

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Mar 20, 2013
Thanks for the great giveaway. I would actually want to win this as a gift for my significant other as a lawyer she has to read thousands of pages for notes, etc... and hates taking notes via computer so writes them out and the ends up transferring to digital later and this would be great to save her so much time and effort.
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Mar 24, 2015
Oxfordshire, UK
I got out of the habit of drawing after I took the science route in life and ruined my life. I am trying to get back into being creative and drawing and it's hard. This would help me both technologically and with my confidence knowing I have the kit to make it worth trying. Not a pity story but i realised too late life is art.
Apr 16, 2009
Thanks for the giveaway! :thumbs:

I'd like to win because I work in sales and frequently take notes at meetings, tradeshows, etc. I currently either, take a photo of the note in Evernote, which leads to my chicken scratch being in Evernote (n) or I retype the information into an email or an Evernote note directly, and sometimes (time permitting) I type my notes directly into Evernote with my iPad.

To have the ability to simply write a note on paper and have it converted to text in an Evernote note would be amazing! :happy:
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Jul 6, 2016
i'd like to say i've reason
and more than those above :smug:
to win this awesome prize
and all the gadgetery thereof,
but, truth be told, i'm just a film fan
who occasionally writes verse, :sorry:
chopped up little sentences
my daily grind to intersperse. :coffee:
for that, this would be useful -
more portable, less weight -
but if this goes to someone else
my ego won't deflate.
so, good luck to all you entrants! :thumbs:
fingers crossed, keep hanging on,
for chance moments of good fortune
from the hand of @Apollon :notworthy:
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Mar 12, 2012
Back when I was in Nam I dreamed I would one day learn how to read. Still hoping that dream will come true. I'm not even sure what I'm typing is coherent or words at all.
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