Show us pictures of your FuturePaks/Last purchased


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Aug 24, 2011
Buxton Maine
With Futurepaks having replaced Metalpaks. lets see how many titles there are out there so far. thanks


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You might want to take into account the printed text at the very top. It kind of detracts from the beauty of it. It should have been left on the J-Card instead imo.


Local store was out so fast. I ordered it from Best Buy Online and received with a little dent, now I can tell that the dent occurred in the shipping from Best Buy to me, so it is nothing negative about the product, but the corrugated wrap that Best Buy used (instead of a box with packing material) is the real disappointment here. When a package arrives with the metal tin poking through the "protective" packaging then you know it is going to have damage. Anyone else have this problem with shipments from Best Buy?

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After saying I won't buy a RoboCop steelbook unless it has the original font, I eventually caved in and got the Region A FuturePak as it oozes coolness. Also shown, ROTPOTA (UK)

Then comes X-Men 1/2/3/FC from the US. Couldn't stand Wolverine and haven't seen The Wolverine so I just got these :D

And with the help of some transparent spiders these are now 2-discers :happy:
Ah, I see Ricster got there before I could :naughty:
Well, if you want quality pics, you'll have to wait til later it would seem! :D
For now, here's my Silent Hill :drool::happy::thumbs::oohyeah::

The disc has been swapped for the US version as it has PCM audio, whereas the UK disc has DTS HD-HR

I'm really loving this futurepak and don't see what people have against them. This one, and all the others in this wave it would seem, has some embossing on the title too. I've not come across this on a futurepak before, though I haven't got that many!
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