The Fifth Element (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Prestige Edition) (FNAC Exclusive) [France]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: December 6 23, 2023 (Prestige) - February 28, 2024 (SteelBook Only)
Purchase links: Prestige Edition FNAC - ESC Distribution - SteelBook Only FNAC
Price: €149.99 (Prestige FNAC) - €134.99 (Prestige ESC) - €39.99 (SteelBook Only FNAC)

Note: Limited to 1000 numbered copies. 200 copies available through Esc, 800 copies available through FNAC.
The Prestige Edition includes 1 4K + 1 Blu-ray + 1 Blu-ray bonus + an 80-page booklet + a 32-page storyboard book + a 36-page artwork booklet + stickers + 1 poster + 1 keychain + 1 patch + 1 multipass + 1 Zorg card + 3 movie flyers + 1 matchbox + 10 photos

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For anyone wondering, Esc is the distributor hence some copies sold through their site and FNAC is the exclusive retailer in France.

Given the small print run, it is logical to assume some will show up in another country through another retailer, albeit without the same goodies (possibly).
Has it happened to you before mate? You think we will be getting less goodies from esc distribution than Fnac? Cheers
Ordered for now.. even if i like Zavvi's more than this one !
But i have to admit that i'm a sucker for those goodies even if we all know that their value don't add up to the price asked
Has it happened to you before mate? You think we will be getting less goodies from esc distribution than Fnac? Cheers

I just meant that there was a probability to see the SteelBook alone, in another market, if not from the same retailer, given that the 1000 run is below Scanavo's MOQ (minimum order quantity).

If you're ordering from either Esc or FNAC at the moment, you'll be getting the exact same edition with goodies. :)

In a reply to a few collectors comments, as @Betonos Le Truel mentioned earlier, Esc stated that the SteelBook will be available as a standalone purchase at a later date although no date has been set yet. So that explains what happens to the MOQ.
Going to be very interesting to see what Manta do for this film, hopefully they do a better job than they did with Leon (still hope for a orange rubber vest for the OC :LOL::rofl:)

Really like the look of this one though, much nicer than the upcoming Zavvi release (though still looking forward to that one finally being released as well)
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I forgot to preorder this! Now it's sold out in both stores!

Well, I guess I don't really need it:

80-page booklet - in French
+ a 32-page storyboard book - never liked storyboards, they're ugly and useless to me
+ a 36-page artwork booklet - this could be good
+ stickers - don't care for them
+ 1 poster - especially don't care for
+ 1 keychain - this I did want
+ 1 patch - pfft
+ 1 multipass - getting same in EBZ
+ 1 Zorg card - similar in EBZ box
+ 3 movie flyers - nah
+ 1 matchbox - this is cool
+ 10 photos - not really special

So a keychain, a 'novelty' matchbox, and another booklet, for $120 really isn't worth it.
I'll just get the steelbook separately, if that'll be available, because it does look cool, and I have every other in existence (I believe).
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